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InnApartment, your necessaries of life. InnApartment is located right in the Taipei city center. It takes you a maximum of 10 minutes by walk to the MRT station. It is close to NTU, NTNU, and famous night markets. It provides you both a convenient living style with perfect function and a comfortable and peaceful living quality. We offer you not only a short-term rental, which includes basic furniture and toiletries, but a housekeeping service. We aim to satisfy your needs while living overseas via providing a whole new idea about monthly rental. Our local premier suite is nearby the famous Gongguan night market (beside National Taiwan University), and just 6 mins walk from Gongguang station Exit 1, which makes it very easy to reach anyplace around Taipei. We provide a very careful and comfortable environment and offering private spaces for leisure and business guests that is the best choice. Only a 10-minute walk from MRT Gongguan Station. The downstairs is a huge KingStone Book Store. Only a 10-second walk to the 7-Eleven convenient store and Family Mart. Only a 20-second walk to the food court. You can find a variety of Taiwanese food, restaurants, and the movie theater. Maximum of 10 minutes by walk to NTU. Besides, the costume and accessories stores, shoes stores, sporting goods stores, groceries, and the supermarkets are all around Inn Apartment. When you stay here, you can get all necessities of life just within a moment.

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